Welcome Golfers!

We are happy you have taken the time to visit and learn more about our organization. Founded over 25 years ago, BSGA is a non-profit organization run by the members, with the main purpose being to

About Us

The Bastrop Senior Golf Association is a group of men and women, who play golf year round for fun, love the game of golf and practice the true spirit of the game.  By joining BSGA, you will have the opportunity

Come Join Us!

You must be 55 years or older on the day you signup. With approval, spouses are not required to be 55 years old. Tournaments are normally held on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Each player is responsible

Tournament Schedule

The tournament registration deadlines and tee times must be strictly followed on all courses. To organize teams and leave the clubhouse on time, all players must be signed in by the designated time. Any player not registered by the designated

Member Tournament Standings

Tournament standings are based on total points earned through date posted below. The week’s winning team’s players earn 3 points each. Second place, 2 points each . Third place ,1 point each. In the case of a tied score, a

2020-21 BSGA Tournament Results

The BSGA tournament format is mostly a “Scramble.” Most golfers are familiar with a “Scramble.” This is when all golfers tee off and the shot with the best, or most preferred position,