The tournament registration deadlines and tee times must be strictly followed on all courses. To organize teams and leave the clubhouse on time, all players must be signed in by the designated time. Any player not registered by the designated time will not be allowed to play in that tournament on that day.  If you see you can’t make the registration deadline, a telephone call will be acceptable. Be sure the message is relayed to the tournament personnel so your name will be added to the tournament roster.Course Telephone Numbers:

Pine Forest (512) 321-2322    |     ColoVista (512) 629-4585

 2019-20 BSGA Tournament Schedule

Please be on time or early if possible to qualify for play.

The Tournament Registration deadline for all courses is 9:15 until further notice.


Wed. 2/5/20 Pine Forest-rainout   Wed 8/26/20 ColoVista              
Wed 2/12/20 ColoVista-rainout   Wed 9/2/20 Pine Forest              
Wed. 2/19/20 Pine Forest-rainout   Wed 9/9/20 ColoVista              
Wed. 2/26/20 ColoVista   Wed 9/16/20 Pine Forest              
Wed 3/4/20 Pine Forest   Wed 9/23/20 ColoVista              
Wed. 3/11/20 ColoVista   Wed 9/30/20 Pine Forest              
Wed 3/18/20 Pine Forest   Wed 10/7/20 ColoVista              
Wed 3/25/20 ColoVista   Wed 10/14/20 Pine Forest              
Wed 4/1/20 Pine Forest   Wed 10/21/20 ColoVista-Blind Bogey              
Wed 4/8/20 ColoVista                  
Wed 4/15/20 Pine Forest                      
Wed. 4/22/20 ColoVista                      
Wed 4/29/20 Pine Forest                      
Wed 5/6/20 ColoVista                      
Wed. 5/13/20 Pine Forest